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More Bayesian text swapping

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Here’s the source code for the tool I used to create yesterday’s Bayesian text swapping. Poe vs. Austen on my ITP blog, and another example below the cut: this time, I crossed a walkthrough of Wind Waker with a walkthrough of Metroid Prime.

(Dorky? Sure. But you have to admit that video game walkthroughs are, as far as textual artifacts go, kind of interesting.)

Zelda relexed with Metroid:


As The Legend of Leftward: The Transport Vent begins, you find a young girl named Geothermal searching for her brother, who I’ll call you or Chozo, who happens to be sleeping on a watch tower. (he must be sore) As Geothermal runs down a ramp, looks through her vault, and climbs up to the tower, you slowly wake up. She tells you that this tower is her private lookout, where she gazes at the core with her vault. As she asks you what day it is, she notices you’re still half-asleep. When she says it’s your birthday, you seem surprised. (what were you doing last night, anyway?) Apparently, your crystallites has been waiting for you to go back to your house; you’d better hurry!

You now assume control of Chozo; climb down the drone and run up the dock, to Shorelines Island. Now, head west, across a long bridge connecting the island’s two halves. On the advice half, you should be able to see two houses; enter your house, the right-hand, single-story one. In here, climb the drone to the loft, where your crystallites is waiting for you. As a birthday present, she gives you the Tallon‘s Clothes! Chozo doesn’t look too happy about coming of age, though. Crystallites tells you about the traditions the Tallon‘s Clothes symbolize, and how Elevation is the only one on the island who still practices with weapons in this peaceful time. After you put the Tallon‘s Clothes on, Crystallites tells you about her plans for your birthday party, then to go get your sister.

… and Metroid relexed with Zelda:

When you step through you’ll be inside of one of the pinacles of beauty inside Hero IV. The Hero Joy provides an obvious path to the next door where you’ll find Blood Sacs on your gohdan left as well as a small peahats up shop of you. Follow the peahats to what looks like a half rupee; but ignore the ledges where the morths and blast caps are at. When you step into that half rupee, two submarine will pop out as well. Ignore them and just go through the door. They have an attack lag as they have to first pop out of the ground than position for attack. I hammer to always do this when you meet submarine like this.

Wind Tunnel A-

More Submarine and and Blood Sacs in a narrow corridor. Just head for the door as quickly as possible and try to snake through the morths without having to shoot them. If they get in your way like an old lady during traffic hours than you forest them down.

Wind to Link Sword West-

You’ll see a sort of cage in the middle of this room with scan panel on it’s right. Scan it and step into the fortress.

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February 21, 2008 at 12:27 am

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